Management Decision Analysis

Over the last few years, our team has carried out various consultancy projects in data science and artificial intelligence and developed and delivered several decision support systems to clients from logistics and transportation industry to healthcare and hospitals sector. Our decision support systems are based on state of-the-arts algorithmic framework powered by user-friendly visual graphic interfaces provided as desktop, web and mobile applications.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We help our customers in unlocking their data and getting valuable knowledge from of their, helping them to boost their core activities and strengths and identify bottlenecks helping to overcome deficiencies. We are working with various type of clients from retailers to hospitals and some public organizations in sentiment analysis, social network analysis, visualizing data using BI and analytics tools and techniques.

Information Technology

We offer computer network services and solutions including installation, maintenance and training. In particular we offer training for Cisco equipment (basic and advance, routing, switching etc.). We offer consultancy and training services in network security and penetration testing. Software development services including stand-alone desktop applications, client/server and mobile are also part of our offered services.

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